About Us
How we developed...

  After years of installing foundation repair products for a very competitive company, I
wanted to get out of the installation end of the industry and into the sales part. I jumped
ship to a different company and realized, sales is tough. While both companies have
almost the same type of product and a very close price range, I couldnt believe how
difficult it was to convince a homeowner my product was better for the increased price.
When a home owner pulled out a different competitors bid, I realized I wasn't just being
beaten by a different company. I was being beaten by quite a bit. HOW???
Well I found out how...
Profit or greed, however you define it, that was the difference. Very little difference in
the product, but nearly the same overall.
 I asked my boss to lower the price. With no luck, I quit my job less than a month later.
Shortly there after, I started my own foundation repair company. Forming the company:
SCS Foundation Repair. Like most companies, I started very small and grew. As I grew, I
created and tweaked my products to the best configuration. I use those products today.
With great success of the product s and the way it is installed, I grew even more and
now I am the competition. The difference is my company is 25% cheaper than the
competition on the same type product. This is on an exterior pile. On an interior pile I am
about  40% cheaper.
This started many years ago and still continues to this date.
For years I wanted to grow, but was not sure how I wanted to grow. Well I am now
growing and introducing my newest company to you, Intellipier!
We are taking the same business plan to heart.  "Build a great product at a discounted
price and profit from the volume sold, not profit per each unit."

 Please join our growing family of quality, trust and the confidence needed for great
products and equipment. Let Intellipier help your company grow either adding a new
product to your existing line up or starting from nothing trying to branch out into a
different market.

 Different packages are available. We will sell you what you want, not sell you what you
don't need. We do not ask for minimum orders every month or franchise fees. You buy
our product and our equipment to install it with and you install it. It's that simple.         
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