We are a company who's goal is to offer quality
products and equipment at a reduced price.

What we offer:

  •        Foundation Repair Products
  •        Foundation Repair Equipment
  •        Solar Panel Farm Piers
  •        Pump Jack Base Leveling Products
  •        Pre-Construction Piers

If you have a specific need, please contact us to see if we can help.
A Quick Overview...

We have been in the manufacturing and installation industry for
quite a few years gaining more and more experience every day. We
have found what works and what does not. We have educated
ourselves and others for the correct type of repair, for many
different type situations and problems.
Here is what Intellipier can do for you...

If you have a foundation that needs repair, we offer you different
methods of repair so you can be reassured the product under that
foundation is the correct one and can be trusted to give many
years of support without failure.
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